Haunted Castles

I’ve always been fascinated by Haunted Castles, or even just castles in general. They are beautiful, mysterious and seem to have a foreboding aura about them. I’ve always wanted to visit a haunted castle, but as of yet I have not been fortunate enough to do so.  I imagine it would be cold, dark, damp, and eerily quiet, except at night of course, when there would be mysterious knocks, creaks, slamming sounds, dragging sounds and maybe even the occasional disembodied human voice.

Europe is full of haunted castles. From Edinburgh Castle in Scotland to Leap Castle in Ireland, Europe is a place that would be fantastic to visit and take some haunted castle tours. Europe isn’t the only place that has haunted castles, however. Jamaica has it’s own haunted castle, Rose Hall in Montego Bay, and Canada has haunted castles as well, including Casa Loma, in Toronto.

This blog highlights a few of the world’s haunted castles.


chateau de puymartin Chateau de Puymartin – France

This castle is said to be haunted by the spirit of the Contesse de Montbron, who died in the castle in the sixteenth century. As the legend goes, Therese de Saint Clar apparently got lonely during her husband’s absence and took a lover. When her husband returned and caught her in the act,…Read More



Ballygally_Castle Ballygally Castle – Northern Ireland

The castle allegedly plays host to a number of spirits. Over the years, many guests  have reported peculiar experiences and have felt a presence in their rooms. There are also never-ending stories of unexplained noises in the night, and a weird green mist over the Castle. Read More

culzean Culzean Castle – Northern Ireland

Visitors and staff have reported a ghostly piper playing on the grounds, especially before a Kennedy family wedding and on stormy nights. There have also been reports of a beautiful dark haired girl in an evening gown who approaches people in an otherwise empty corridor. One report actually says the witness felt a cold chill in his entire right side as she passed “through” him. No one seems to know who this mysterious lady is. Read More