Ballygally Castle – Ballygally Bay, Northern Ireland

Ballygally_CastleBallygally Castle was built in 1625 as a defensible residence by a Scotsman named James Shaw.  As is characteristic with many castles in Europe, Ballygally Castle is alleged to be haunted by traditional spirits. Located about 30 minutes north of Belfast, the castle sits on the Irish Sea, complete with a view of a lighthouse in the distance.

The castle allegedly plays host to a number of spirits. Over the years, many guests have reported peculiar experiences and have felt a presence in their rooms. There are also never-ending stories of unexplained noises in the night, and a weird green mist over the Castle.

Perhaps the most active being the previous resident, Lady Isobel Shaw. The man who nuilt the castle, Lord James Shaw, wanted a son, and when his other half delivered his heir, he took the baby from his wife and locked her in a room at the top of the castle.  A couple of years later, Isabella Brisbane Shaw, either slid, jumped, or was pushed out of a tower window. Today, her ghost haunts the castle. According to reports, her ghost is friendly and entertains herself by knocking on doors and then vanishing.

The spirits of soldiers who died defending or attacking the castle have also been seen here. Many armed and in uniform. Another usually sighted ghost is Madame Nixon who lived in the hotel in the 19th century, who can be seen and heard walking around in her silk dress.

Fifty years ago BallyGally castle was expanded and turned into a hotel. Today guests can enjoy both ancient history and the presence of traditional spirits.

You can book a room at the hotel by visiting here.

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