Beardslee Castle, Mohawk Valley, NY

Seventy five miles west of Albany stands Beardslee Castle. This replica of an Irish castle was built in 1860 by Guy Roosevelt Beardslee. The last of the Beardslee family left the castle in the 1940’s. The structure has since been converted into a restaurant. Many customers and employees have reported ghostly happenings such as balls of light and ghostly figures of many colors: blue and white, green and red. The have reportedly been seen floating all over the building. Silverware and napkins fly around on occasion and chairs have been known to move by themselves.

beardslee castleThe ghost of one of the former owners, Anton Christensen, has been seen in the upstairs corner where he hung himself. An eerie screaming howling sound has been heard in the hallways; the source of the sound has yet to be identified.

A shadow of a large man can be seen walking on the top floor and just off the main lobby. At times, the apparition appears as an “x-ray” ghost; appearing as just a skeleton.

The hauntings may date back as far as the 1700’s, when a French fort stood on the location. History says a group of Indians may have tunneled under the fort in an attempt to blow it up, but they were all killed when the explosives detonated prematurely.

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