Calvados Castle – Normandy, France

calvadosCalvados Castle was built in 1835, in Normandy France, directly on top of the ruins of an unidentified building. From October 12, 1875 to January 30, 1876, the inhabitants of Calvados Castle endured one of the most prolonged and terrifying occurances of poltergeist phenomena ever recorded.

That first night, things began flying around the rooms, rappings echoed through the walls, and thunderous booms were heard throughout the castle. The master and servants searched the castle but no one was found. These loud bangs on walls and door continued throughout the night almost every night for the next 3 months.

The family invited a Priest to come to the castle and spend the night. The priest recalled the next day that he had heard the heavy footsteps that sounded like a giant of a man descending the stairs in the early morning. He believed that events at the castle were of a supernatural nature and flet he was powerless to stop it. He wished the family the best of luck and left the castle in a hurry.

One night during a violent November rainstorm, the spirit let out a long shriek somewhere outside the castle. The witnesses all agreed that the wailing sounded like a woman calling for help. As they looked outside to see if someone was there, the shrieking began inside coming from inside the castle and seemed to be getting closer to the terrified family. The castle was searched, but again nothing was found.

The following night, just before midnight, the castle inhabitants were awakened by what seemed to be the sounds of a woman in horrible suffereing. The cries got worse as the days went by, until they eventually evolved into shrill, furious, despairing cries.

As the poltergeist activity continued to increase, the childrens’ beds were turned over, books, maps and papers were strewn everywhere, and the doors were pounded on so forcefully that every window in the building shook. 

Finally, an exorcism was performed on January 26, 1876.  A piercing cry was heard, sounding like that of a great beast that had been dealth its death blow.  Rappings were heard everywhere and everyone heard a male voice shouting “Ha!Ha!”.  Ten powerful blows rattled the door and shook everything.  At last, after the final blow to the door, there was the sound of coughing.  Then there was nothing.

There have been no reported incidents since.