Chateau de Puymartin – France

This castle is said to be haunted by the spirit of the Contesse de Montbron, who died in the castle in the sixteenth century.  As the legend goes, Therese de Saint Clar apparently got lonely during her husband’s absece and took a lover.  When her husband returned and caught her in the act, he locked her away in a small room in the North Tower of the castle.  She died there fifteen years later after being deprived of visitors, books, or conversation all that time.  Her body was sealed up in the same room where she died.

The room was unsealed in the following century and made into a historical landmark.  The current residents report seeing the spirit of Therese de Saint Clar wandering through the hallways headed toward the little room in the North Tower where she died.

Information on visiting Chateau de Puymartin.

Puymartin – Château de Légende

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