Culzean Castle – Scotland

culzeanThe original castle was built in 1165, but was remodeled and expanded in 1777. The Kennedys, a well-known Scottish family, were the first inhabitants of the castle in 1759 and lived there for the next 800 years.

Visitors and staff have reported a ghostly piper playing on the grounds, especially before a kennedy family wedding and on stormy nights. There have also been reports of a beautifuldark haired girl in an evening gown who approaches people in an otherwise empty corridoor. One report actually says the witness felt a cold chill in his entire right side as she passed “through” him. No one seems to know who this mysterious lady is.

There are several other ghosts reported in or around the castle, including one who is thought to be the ghost of a princess who was killed in the Green Room whopresents herself as a “misty shape”, and the spirit of Sir John Cathcart who abducted May Kennedy and planned to kill her but luckily for May, she managed to push him off a cliff in the area and make her escape.

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