Haunted Castle Ky

Haunted Castle in Hustonville, Ky

Haunted Harbor: Charleston's Maritime Ghosts and the Unexplained (Haunted America)

Haunted Harbor: Charleston’s Maritime Ghosts and the Unexplained (Haunted America)


Celebrated tour guides and writers Geordie Buxton and Ed Macy invite you to voyage into the fathoms-deep waters of the Holy City with their new collection, Haunted Harbor. This cache of macabre, eerie and never-before-told stories includes tales of strange occurrences at Castle Pinckney, the reappearing face of a mysterious soldier at Fort Sumter, the influence of real-life pirates on Sullivan’s I…

Haunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands (Haunted America)

Haunts of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlands (Haunted America)


A Confederate soldier forever lost at Cumberland Gap, the wispy woman of Roanoke College and the spectral horse that runs the streets of Abingdon are among the restless spirits of southwestern Virginia. Join local author Joe Tennis as he takes readers on both sides of the Blue Ridge to explore the ghostly tales of Appalachia and the Crooked Road. Peer over the rim of the New Castle Murder Hole, di…