Haunted Scottish Castles and Houses (The Haunted Explorer Series) (Volume 3)

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Journey through the beautiful countryside of Scotland, and it won’t be long before you find a castle or grand manor house. From the fully restored magnificent homes and hotels to the decaying ruins, each one has it’s own unique history. With so many originally built for protection in far more violent times than today, it is not unusual to discover that behind the visually stunning exteriors can lie a dark and sinister past and the terrifying acts of cruelty that were carried out within the walls have resulted in tales of hauntings.

In this book the author explores a selection of these castles and manors, giving details of the reported ghostly happenings and the history of the property which helps explain why they are reputedly haunted. Many of the properties have been personally visited by the author allowing him to provide photographs and offer his own views and experiences.

Book 3 in the Haunted Explorer Series. Other titles available in the series;

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