Schreiber-Bogen Neuschwanstein Castle Card Model

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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Castle Neuschwanstein
Colored model to cut and stick!
Material: Paper, Cardboard
Number of sheets:11,5
Standard: 1:250 (Z)
Degree of difficulty : 3
The manufacturer classifies his models under 5 degrees of difficulty:
‘Child model’: very easy and with childlike motives
‘0’: Beginner model
‘1’: Easy
‘2’: Moderately severe
‘3’: Difficult
This famous construction, located in the vicinity of Füssen, Allgäu was built on top of a rugged rock above a deep ravine. The octagonal tower is 76 meters high. The idea for this castle was conceived by King Louis II of Bavaria. ‘I intend to have the old castle ruins by the Pöllat ravine restored, true to the style of the old German castles in which knights resided.’ This passage was found in a letter Louis II wrote to his friend Richard Wagner. In the mountains surrounding the castle the King wanted to create an enclave just for himself, allowing him to withdraw and to escape the troubles of everyday life. On 5th September 1869 the construction began. Under the supervision of Eduard Riedel the portal structure was completed as the first section of the entire complex. In 1872 Georg Dollmann took over the supervision and completed the palais roof in 1881. During this time a score of artists and architects worked on a design for the interior. The various suggestions were turned into detailed plans given to artisans by Julius Hofmann, who was in charge of the project from 1884 on. The King demanded drawings in colour and gold for each detail. The restoring of the castle took up 17 years (1869-1886), the project was never finished, however. The small castle, formerly occupied by robber barons, was refurbished into a monumental neoromantic structure with obvious resemblance to castle Wartburg located in the vicinity of Eisenach. Especially when examining the palais the similarity becomes evident. This main part of the structure boasts 4 floors containing glamorous halls

  • Made in Germany
  • 1:250 Scale
  • Difficulty level 3
  • Kit includes modeling sheets, instructions, and tips for construction
  • Highly detailed paper modeling for the hobby enthusiast